Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cranberry Christmas Cake | Barefeet in the Kitchen Recipe

I had some ingredients in my fridge I needed to use up (butter, eggs, a ton of cranberries) so I browsed the web for a good cranberry cake recipe, and I found this gem on . It turned out so well, so I thought i'd share it with you guys!

I love to bake all year round, but during christmas time is of course my favorite time! This cranberry cake came out so delicious and it is so incredibly easy. You can head over to Barefeet In The Kitchen's recipe for in depth description of how to make it, but you only need these ingredients:

3 eggs 
2 cups sugar 
3/4 cup butter, softened 
1 teaspoon vanilla 
2 cups flour 
12 oz fresh cranberries 

Happy Baking! Let me know what you think of the recipe!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Holiday deals and a long christmas list means shopping shopping shopping. Here's some goodies I picked up from The Body Shop's Buy 3 get 3 deal.

The new seasonal scent for their body butters is the Glazed Apple scent, which at first smell I thought was just ok, but after watching I Covet Thee's recent video which mentioned how the smell of it on the skin is much better than in the container, I picked it up. I also picked up the Glazed Apple Jelly, which is for the bath. Love bubble baths in the winter!

Two skincare items I picked up are both from the Green Tea range, because my skin has been acting up lately. I decided on the Green Tea Mask and the Blemish Overnight Treatment. I'll let you know how they work!

Lastly, I picked up the the Skin Primer Moisturize It, which I tried on my hand at the store and it seems lovely. I'm all about that glow during the winter months, so I also picked up the Lightening Touch Illuminator, which either i'll keep for myself or add to my makeup artist kit. 

Friday, November 28, 2014


November is almost at an end, and now it's time to get ready for red lips and glitter for all of those holiday parties. But first, November favorites. 

This month i've had some new beauty discoveries and gone back to some oldie but goodies. First up is a product i've had sitting in my makeup drawer for the longest time, it's called Boiing by Benefit. I've got it in the shade 02 and i've found it to be amazing for the under eyes. It's more of a salmon color, similar to the Bobbi Brown concealer, and it's thick consistency is perfect for covering dark circles. I don't use this for blemishes, as the color isn't right and the consistency is a little too thick. 

What I do use for both blemishes and the eyes, is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, a long time favorite. It's rich formula is very hydrating for the eyes, and lasts a long time. What a shame that i'm running out of this! Must repurchase. 

Two brand new eyeshadows i've loved this month are Urban Decay Diamond Dog and the Almay Intense i-color palette for brown eyes. I was browsing Sephora a few weeks ago and a girl that worked there was wearing Diamond Dog on her lids and oh my word--its a showstopper. This glittery pigment is unreal, and it doesn't budge when you put it on (unlike most glitter shadows). She gave me a tip to apply it with a finger and NOT a brush, it deposits the color better and there is little to no fall out. I picked up the Almay palette while I was shopping with my friend Justine from According to Justine, who was wearing the bronze and purple shade on her lids. It looked SO good on her that I just had to pick it up, and i've been wearing it almost everyday. It's a super easy palette to use when you don't feel like putting much thought into doing your makeup. 

I have to mention the amazing Tweezerman tweezers that i've been going crazy for lately. There's simply nothing out there thats better. On a side note, I was featured as their brow beauty crush on their newsletter/facebook/instagram which was so cool! 

I used my Sephora points card to get a Josie Maran set which consisted of some of her popular items. My favorite out of the bunch was the 100% Argan Oil, which i've been using on my skin and split ends and have noticed a drastic difference. Amazing.

Lastly, because i've still been suffering from chapped lips, i've been loving the Popcorn lip scrub from Lush. It's lovely to exfoliate with and it tastes amazing (you lick it off when you're done!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


As a longtime cereal lover, I decided it was (finally) time to change things up for breakfast. Two words: Granola Oatmeal. Yes, we're getting wild up in here.

I was walking along St. Catherine in Montreal last week, when a girl on the street (who was obviously representing Qaker Oats...she wasn't some random chick) handed me 2 samples of Qaker Oats Harvest Granola Oatmeal. Now i'm a cereal girl through and through, it's yummy and i'm quite frankly too lazy to cook a meal for breakfast. But this is instant oatmeal, just heat it up in the microwave with milk or if you're like me and don't own a microwave, it works just as well on the stove. I add some chia seeds and some blueberries and BAM! Instantly amazing breakfast. Also noted is that it's only 230 calories WITH milk (that's excluding chia seeds and blueberries). So if you're looking for a healthy, easy breakfast thats actually filling, try it out.

What are your favorite things (easy suggestions only, please!) for breakfast?

*This post is not sponsored by Oaker Oats...I just really like granola oatmeal. 

Monday, November 17, 2014


November 1st was my 25th birthday, and a trip to New York to visit my family and friends was much needed. Here's a few little makeup goodies I received. 

My big birthday gift (which i'm waiting till Black Friday to purchase) is the blogger cherished Canon Rebel T3i, but my parents and sister were nice enough to give me a few little goodies from Sephora as well! Something I had been eyeing and was so surprised to receive from my sister was the Sephora All a Glow palette. It has 3 contour shades, a bunch of different highlighters, blushes, etc, and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. I especially love the bronzers. 

My parents gifted me the Kat Von D Star Studded Look kit, which has a mini tattoo liner (which is worth the hype by the way), an Immortal lash mascara, and a Studded Kiss lipstick in underage red (kind of a weird name not gonna lie). I have yet to try the lipstick, and the mascara was nice but not incredible. 

Lastly I got a mini version of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, which believe it or not is my first time trying! I have to say I love it, and I'm adding it to my professional kit because it's THAT good.

Friday, November 14, 2014


For a while now i've been trying to grow my hair long, and it hasn't been easy. After a recent trim and an oath to go heatless for as long as possible, i've purchased these 4 products to help me along the way.

I've heard many reviews on the infamous Mane n' Tail Shampoo & Conditioner and it's magical powers for healthy shiny hair. I thought i'd give it a go, as the price was right and the bottle sizes are ginormous. I've only washed my hair with them once so far but I love the way my hair looks! I took "before" photos of my hair length as it is now so I can do a proper review in a few months time. Let's hope theres some hair growth!

To prolong the days that I can go without washing my hair, I'm using Psssst! Dry Shampoo. The best part about this product is the subtle smell, because i've had a huge problem finding a dry shampoo without a spell that overpowers me. 

I also repurchased the Women's Ultra Nourish Hair Vitamins from GNC for the 3rd time. These pills are massive but I did notice that they helped my hair the last time I took them so I decided to give them a go again. I'll update you with a review in about 5 months or so. 

What are your favorite products for healthy hair?

Monday, November 3, 2014


If you read my post on simple dainty rings, you'll know that I love minimal gold jewelry. Here are three budget friendly faves.

I've mentioned on my blog before that I find gold jewelry suits me well. Something about silver jewelry just doesn't go as well with my skintone. Last year, I was obsessed with finding really simple necklaces with tiny pendants, and these three are my favorites. 

The bar necklace with the tiny C initial is from Urban Outfitters, which I got for around $26. I had been wanting a bar necklace for a while, and when I saw this one with my initial on it, I just had to get it. I love pairing this with chunky sweaters.

The plain circle pendant is from Etsy, given to me by my boyfriend for my birthday last year. He knew I was on a hunt for a dainty gold necklace, and he picked this one out himself! I was so proud, and so happy with his choice, I wear it all the time.

The "Oui" necklace is surprisingly from Forever 21, and ran me about $5. I always get compliments on it, and I love to wear it because it reminds me to always be open and say yes to opportunities that come my way.

What do you think of these simple gold necklaces?