Friday, February 20, 2015

CHALLENGE: Finish 6 By Summer

I'm sure most of you beauty addicts can relate to having wayyy too much makeup in your collection. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and a lot of products end up going to waste because they aren't even used! Here's a solution.

If you can relate to having a billion lipsticks, 10 different foundations, and god knows how many nail polishes, this post is for you. This year i've been trying to actually --gasp-- use up some of the products I purchased! What a concept! I think if you're like me and you love to experiment with makeup all the time, it can be really challenging to finish products. So here's the deal: choose 6 items from your collection that you love but neglect, and use them up by summer time! (Lets say June 1st) I've chosen 6 products that i've already used up quite a bit of, so it will be a bit easier! I encourage you guys to choose 6 products from your own collection and post about it in your blog/twitter/instagram, so we can keep up with each other's progress and feel the satisfaction of actually finishing them!

Here's my list: 

1. Revlon Nearly Naked: i'm about halfway done with this foundation, and I shouldn't find it too hard to finish by summer. I had to choose a foundation because I have way too many that I don't even use!

2. THREE Mascaras (counting as 1 of the 6!). As someone who loves to try out mascaras, i've ended up with quite a lot. Keep in mind that mascara is only supposed to be good for 6 months, so it's ridiculous to have more than 3 at a time. I'm going to use up L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, and Maybelline Falsies. 

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume: My friend gave this perfume to me because she didn't like it on her, and as it is quite old now I just want to use it up already!

4. Nuxe RĂªve De Miel Lip Balm: I have like 30 different lip balms at the moment, so this was a no-brainer. Funny thing is, now that i'm using it all the time I realize how much i'm obsessed with it! Hah!

5. Essence Stay Matt Powder: I like this powder but not as much as the Rimmel Stay Matte, so I just want to use this up before switching back to the Rimmel one. 

6. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze: I think this one will be the hardest to use up because there's so much product and a little goes a long way. Doesn't every girl have this product? Has anyone actually used it up? I doubt it. 

Monday, February 9, 2015


I created this natural, soft look on my friend Sarah to show you what products I use for simple, pretty, and fresh makeup. This look is perfect for brightening up the face during those cold winter months. 

Products Used

Foundation: Mac Face & Body in N1 & C1, 
Concealer: Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette, a touch of Rimmel Stay Matte under the eyes. 
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte 
Contour: Just a touch of the medium brown color from Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette
Highlight: Benefit Watts up
Blush: Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink

Primer: Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Shadow Palette: Smashbox Master Class: Drizzle, Royal, Pebble and Smoke
Liner: Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack
Mascara: L'oreal Shocking Extensions 

Lipstick: Mac Fanfare
Lip Liner: Essence Wish Me A Rose

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VIDEO | Makeup Artist Essentials

If you're a makeup artist thats new to the business, been it in for years, or simply just curious about what makeup artists bring to shoots and events, check out this video!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Beauty Secret: Healthy Hair!

A haircut in December left my hair feeling healthier, shinier, and overall just BETTER. After talking with my friend who I always ask for beauty advice, she told me this one huge hair related secret. 

What is that secret you may ask? Well the above picture/title post might give you a clue. After noticing the state of my friend's healthy, gorgeous hair I had to ask what products she used to care for her locks. She revealed to me that every time she washes her hair, instead of using a regular conditioner she uses a hair mask. Now, if you're one of those people who wash their hair every single day--perhaps this would be a little much for you. But if you're like me and you wash your hair every 3rd-4th-sometimes 5th day--you can definitely benefit from this little tip. After following this regime for almost a month now (and avoiding heat styling) i've noticed my hair has been in great condition. I've also noticed that i've been able to avoid heat styling because my hair has been air drying frizz-free and shiny. This is perfect because not only is my hair healthy from the hair masks but now i'm avoiding further damage by not using heat! 

Here are my favorites that I rotate with:

Sabon Hair Mask ($29 but I got it on sale for %15 off woop!). This is my favorite mask out of the three. It leaves the hair feeling so silky and the thick consistency is so rich but doesn't weigh the hair down. It has a nice lemony smell and I will absolutely repurchase when I run out. I tend to use this one the most not only because I like it better but I believe it also has an expiration date so i'm trying to use it up!

One & Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask ($11) I picked this up because i've noticed that Argan Oil does wonders for my hair. I love this mask because it leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable. It comes highly rated by people online so I figured i'd give it a go and I was not disappointed. 

Klorane Mask With Desert Date ($15) This stuff literally smells like heaven and I wish they could make a candle or a body butter out of it. Its richness is so lux and this is my friend's (the one who recommended me to only uses hair masks) favorite mask to use. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Style: Accessories

Winter up your wardrobe with these cozy and affordable accessories. 

Touch type gloves are now my essential accessory for the winter, and these lovely grey pairs are cheap and actually work. The grey and black pair (on the left) are from Target, and the light grey pair are from Uniqlo. Both are under $10.

Beanies (and scarves of course) actually make winter style so much more fun, and I was thrilled to find this olive green one from Forever 21. I love the way it compliments my auburn brown hair, and pairs well with my black parka. 

What are your winter accessory must haves?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skincare Haul

I made a trip to New York over the holidays and picked up quite a few skincare goodies. Watch the video to find out what I got!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cozy Day Musings

One of my favorite things to do? Absolutely nothing. Sometimes you just need to take a break from everything and relax. Here's a few things I love doing on a cozy day.

Of course blogging is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I sometimes go to a cafe to be more productive and knock out 5 posts at a time, but there's nothing better than being in your own bed and blogging (super comfortably). These cozy flannel sheets are from Target, but i'm currently coveting bedding from Parachute, seriously...check them out...everything looks as comfortable as a cloud. 

I'm always on my phone when i'm having a cozy day in...playing candy crush, browsing instagram & twitter (you know the drill). Currently my favorite apps to use are the VSCO Cam, Facebook Messenger, Duolingo (for french!), and snapchat. 

Reading in bed is heavenly, and while i'm currently reading a few books at the moment (American Pyscho, French Textbooks) I'm loving Amy Poehler's new Book Yes Please for its witty and hilarious material. What are you currently reading?